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As MRI devices are very sensitive to environmental noise, choosing a best place far enough from moving ferro magnetic objects like cars, elevators,... and high high current power lines is mandatory. More over because of Magnet weight, choosing right location which can bear the magnet weight ...
In most cases Yes! After evaluating the system, we will confirm whether device is upgradable or not. In case of possibility we will provide the clinic with upgrade proposal. With our upgrade solution, everything will be changed except Magnet! So surprisingly you will have completely new device!
There is no specific period of time defined between two shimming and its completely related to tests and system homogeneity. But our experiences on many permanent Magnets, shows that you must consider average time of 24 month, between two shimmings.
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About Us!

About Us

Gathering an experienced and well trained engineers together, with more than two decades of experience in field who are completely familiar with Open MRI devices, from installation to troubleshooting and repair, we built our great team to provide best services with highest quality to our customers.

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